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14+ years of b2b sales strategies experience
Meet the lean sales directors who founded be brave solutions

Are We?

Emilia Mosiewicz Be Brave


My sales adventure began 14 years ago in a call center. I was doing direct sales which used to pay my bills through the university. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with it, but I was a damn good saleswoman, so I work my way through different startups, learning new sales approaches and eventually, landing a Sales Director position in one of the fastest-growing software companies in the world - LiveChat

During my sales journey, I’ve gained thousands of happy clients for nationally-renowned SaaS companies, great startups, small businesses, and more.  I always knew I wanted to help people, and it was natural to step on the entrepreneurial path. Now, I’m finally able to expand my possibilities, record more findings and serve more businesses.


I’ve helped startups build a predictable revenue process, triple their sales numbers, and dominate rankings in their niche. Selling in today's world is really hard and we will make it easy for you.

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IRIANE Kaufmann

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I started in marketing over 12 years ago, getting into the startup frenzy while living in San Francisco, but fell in love when joining one of the fastest-growing outsourcing lead generation agencies in Eastern Europe at the time - RightHello. Since I left, I’ve been applying to the startup world a very important tool the most amazing tech minds fail to grasp: the human part of a lead in order to truly make a connection.

The international market is my home. I’ve worked with founders, CEOs and their clients from over 30 countries and the experience I gather from these different cultures is bigger than numbers, it's a whole new perspective on how our engines work and what makes us tick. I saw the difference a new eye can make while building a startup, especially when you apply a lean-approach.


Since profits tend to end without customer throughput, I was able to not only find but improve the connection of over 50 startups to their clients, putting in place automated and scalable processes that value humans first.  

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What are
Our Values?

#1 We are different

For any sales person to be heard, they also need to listen. Even with our experience, we like to learn from yours and understand your business first so we can truly be sure we can help you. We created Be Brave from the passion of sharing knowledge and being able to help people. We are innovating the sales approach and taking the ego out of sales.

#2 We work as a team

We like being authentic and open, and so we expect the same transparency in return. That is why we handpick the projects we believe in and the people we want to work with. In sales, if you play open cards from the beginning, it’s easier to spot the root cause of problems and quickly guide you to your goals.

#3 We HELP brave entrepreneurs

We discovered that every change starts with being brave. Brave people prefer to leave their comfort zones to evolve and change the world around them. If you are brave, we want to share our knowledge so you make the least mistakes possible and achieve your goals faster without loss.

#4 We connect


We've worked with 50+ countries and got to know different realities. We are constantly learning how to translate cultures so we can help businesses work together. 
We want to empower European IT companies - our clients deliver services in high-quality and we want to help them gain the respect in the international market they deserve.

#5 We are lean

The lean mindset has brought innovation into many different areas of a business all over the world. However, we are one of the only sales experts in the world turning the old-school sales process into a lean and structured approach. We are constantly running quick experimental loops to learn the best strategies to cut wastes, craft responsive content, apply constant improvement and design custom workflows that bring results.



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